GEMS Education partners with Kinteract to bring AI-driven learning to all its students

GEMS Education has chosen Kinteract to bring its technology to the GEMS Education school network.

· Groundbreaking partnership to transform personalised learning and support the delivery of Moral and Global Citizenship Education in the UAE Dubai, United Arab Emirates: GEMS Education has chosen Kinteract, an innovative, Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven, assessment and collaboration platform, to bring its technology to the GEMS Education school network for the current academic year.

Kinteract is a portfolio and real-time assessment platform that facilitates fast feedback and collaboration between teachers, students and parents, and serves data-driven, actionable insights and recommendations.

Driven by AI, Kinteract creates a personalised learning journey that records, guides and enriches the academic and holistic development of a student from early years to university, with global, bespoke curricula and thus a digital record for a lifetime of achievement. Michael Gernon, Senior Vice President and Global Head of Innovation, Research and Development, GEMS Education, said: “By integrating Kinteract into the fabric of GEMS Education’s global digital learning ecosystem in all our schools, we are experiencing a paradigm shift in the way teachers, students and parents engage as partners in the learning journey. “Utilising Artificial Intelligence, Kinteract combines real time portfolio building, data analytics, a secure social media experience, active parent collaboration and engagement, and truly personalised learning pathways that reach beyond any current school curriculum. It is a high-impact game changer in the field of education”, added Michael. The Kinteract partnership will further develop a global dimension within the schools’ curricula such as the UAE Moral Education programme, as well as the GEMS Global Citizens initiative. Shehzad Najib, CEO of Kinteract, said: “We are excited to be working with GEMS Education and providing a tool that brings learning stories to life, increases parental collaboration and ultimately improves learner outcomes. We will support GEMS in their aim to become the first truly data-driven, global network of schools, powered by Artificial Intelligence. The use of new disruptive technologies currently impacting education, such as AI, the Internet of Everything, and Blockchain technology will transform the very nature of schools and how students learn and prepare for life in the future.”

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