Little Mix, Rita Ora, Liam Payne and Loren Allred celebrated teachers at GESF concert

The Varkey Foundation launched 'The Assembly: a Global Teacher Prize Concert' to thank teachers for their unsung work and spread the message of teacher respect to the next generation

The Varkey Foundation last night held ‘The Assembly: A Global Teacher Prize Concert’ as a joyful ‘thank you’ to teachers all around the world for the unsung work they do every day. On Saturday 23rd March thousands of people joined Little Mix, who headlined the event, together with Rita Ora, Liam Payne, and Loren Allred at Dubai Media City Amphitheatre in paying tribute to one of the world’s most important professions.

The festival-style concert, hosted by Virgin Radio’s Kris Fade and featuring supporting sets by East London singer-songwriter Pallab Sarker and DJ Jacques Lavoisier, saw the stars performing many of their greatest hits. Virgin Radio Dubai 104.4 and Time Out Dubai were media partners for the event.

The musicians were also joined on stage by the Top 10 Finalists of the Varkey Foundation Global Teacher Prize, where the spotlight turned to the teachers, whose inspirational stories were shared with the audience. The US$1 million Global Teacher Prize, to be announced at a ceremony on Sunday 24th March, was set up to recognise one exceptional teacher who has made an outstanding contribution to the profession as well as to shine a spotlight on the important role teachers play in society. By unearthing thousands of stories of heroes who have transformed young people’s lives, the prize hopes to bring to life the exceptional work of teachers all over the world. The inaugural Global Teacher Prize Concert helped spread this vital message about the importance of teachers to the next generation, raising their consciousness through the power of music.  Its aim was to help make teacher respect a subject that’s discussed not just in academic seminars but on instagram; not just in the corridors of power but in the school corridor on the way to class. First warm-up act, Pallab Sarker, said: “I was so proud to perform at this magical concert to celebrate the great work of teachers throughout the world.  Though some of the biggest acts of the world were up on stage, everyone’s focus was on teachers and all that they do for us. It was their night” “I could taste the excitement from the moment I walked out on stage. All of us performing and in the crowd knew we were part of something special.  Those positive vibes stayed with us all long after the final notes had faded.”

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